Outreach & Missions

Outreach & Missions


 Local Community Outreach Team



The leader/coordinator of missions is nominated by the Committee on Lay Leadership and elected by the charge conference and is a member of the Administrative Council as well as the charge conference.

The role of the Missions Team is to identify opportunities for the congregation to support outreach ministries in the community, the country and the world and then organize congregational participation in these ministries.

The Team actively pursues ideas for missions from the many resources available to them and from church members. An integral part of the activities is to keep the congregation informed, updating their thinking about mission, confronting them with the people hurting around us. Mission programs are the foundation for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Mission Team is responsible for leading the congregation in participating in the outreach ministries, both financially and in active projects. Once the mission opportunity is identified, the Missions Team presents a statement of the mission to the congregation. The Team enlists volunteers for both near and far- away missions, such as building programs and community assistance programs and country-wide and world-wide relief projects identified by the UMC.

**This committee will elect their members with the committee leadership required to be a member of Dandridge FUMC.

2015 Chair: Larry Doyle


The Visitation Team works with Sunday School classes to provide congregational care to members of our classes and congregation through visitation and sending cards. The Visitation Team sends a letter of welcome to newcomers and first time visitors. This team also maintains up to date membership records of all members and associate members. This team keeps the pastor updated on the needs of the members of our congregation.

2015 Chairperson: Linda Shannon