Administrative Committees



The Communications Team is selected by the Committee on Lay Leadership and the charge conference. The Team leader serves on the Administrative Council.

The role of the Communications Team is to communicate the programs and mission of the church both internally (to the congregation) and externally.

Some of the tools the Team uses to attain their goal are listed below:

 Newsletter, Sunday bulletin, bulletin announcements

 Web site – oversight, design, contributions

 Bulletin boards

 Church brochures; newcomer packets

 Telephone messaging

 Electronic prayer chain

 Publicity in the community (local newspaper, participation in community activities, etc.)

 Advertising

 Church sign, banners/lawn signs

In addition to use of these tools to fulfill their role, the Team coordinator/members actively interact with other groups and congregants to find ways to communicate more effectively with the church and the community.


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Kitchen Committee

The Kitchen committee maintains the upkeep of the church kitchens and orders supplies to maintain the kitchens.

Lay Leadership (formerly Nominating)

The charge conference elects members for the committee on lay leadership (formerly nominations and personnel). It is a committee or team that serves throughout the year to guide the church council or alternative structure on matters regarding the lay leadership (other than employed staff) of the congregation to

  • Engage in growth and development as disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Focus on mission and ministry as service
  • Guide the development and training of Christian Spiritual leaders
  • Recruit, nurture, and support personas in their elected roles
  • Assist the church council (or alternative structure) in assessing changing leadership needs

The major responsibilities of this committee are to

  • Get to know members of the congregation and identify (help them discern) their skills, gifts, knowledge, and level of commitment
  • Identify leadership and service opportunities in the congregation
  • Prepare job descriptions for leadership positions
  • Match potential leaders with leadership positions and invite persons to serve in those positions, making sure that these persons represent the make up  of the congregation
  • Present recommendations to the Charge Conference
  • Equip leaders through training and support
Memorial Committee

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This committee helps keep the home of the pastor and family maintained and in working order.

Permanent Endowment and Planned Giving

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Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC)

SPPRC functions as the human resources department of the church and is made up of the pastor, the lay leader, the lay member to Annual Conference, and nine members who are elected for three-year terms by the charge conference. 

The primary role of the committee is to confer with adn counsel the pastor and staff and the Administrative Council and Committee on Lay Leadership on matters pertaining to the effectiveness of ministry and the need for staff to perform the mission of the church. SPPRC evaluates the current staff at least annually. To perform these duties, SPPRC consults with individuals and groups that may include the pastor, church staff, and chairpersons of other committees who relate to church mission and staff (for example, the Trustees to the custodian, The Worship Committee to musicians). The committee consults with the District Superintendent about congregational needs.

Among the duties of SPPRC are:

  • Review salary/benefit packages for the staff and send recommendations to the Administrative Council
  • Support continuing education of the staff
  • Identify and support individuals from  the congregation whom God seems to be calling for ordained ministry
  • Confer with the congregation and the pastor and staff about ministry direction of the church and inform the congregation about staff responsibilities and any changes in staff.
  • Tour with the Chairperson of Parsonage Committee and make recommendations about the parsonage.


The board of trustees supervises and maintains all property belonging to your congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective. The committee is entrusted to see to the proper keeping of God’s house as a way to honor God and to facilitate the ministry of the local church.

The trustees together have several legal and administrative functions. They are to:

Oversee, maintain, and supervise all local church property. This would include conducting an annual inspection and inventory of all church property, including the parsonage.

Report annually to the charge conference on the state of the church’s property, equipment, investments, and resources

Receive and administer all gifts made to the congregation; make certain that all trust funds of the congregation are invested properly. Develop guidelines for receiving and managing wills, trusts, bequests, and other investments given to the church.

Ensure that the articles of incorporation of the congregation are kept up-to-date, if applicable.

Be responsible, in conjunction with the pastor, for all use of the church buildings and grounds.

Maintain adequate insurance coverage on all church property and develop appropriate risk management policies

Submit to the committee on finance the annual budget requests for insurance, property maintenance and new property purchases.